for operators

Deliver a Pay TV operator experience that stands out from the set-top-box crowd.


End-to-end solutions for Pay TV operators.

Whether you are looking to attract new users with a beautifully designed aggregator service, or boost content engagement with a data-led path to personalization, we offer a combination of the solutions and support system needed to take your Pay-TV offering to the next level.

Enterprise grade UX for maximum engagement.

Attract and retain users with a premium looking interface that is a perfect representation of your brand. We offer a broad suite of  beautifully designed UX templates that guarantee best-of-breed quality both in terms of design and functionality.

For media

Deliver and evolve the next generation of OTT streaming services with flexible end-to-end solutions, specialist services, and global around-the-clock support.

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For operators

Stand out from the set-top box crowd and maximize revenue streams with a suite of highly customizable UX templates and an optimized back-end ecosystem.

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For sports

Engage your fans, understand your audience, and maximize ROI across your digital product portfolio with a broad suite of immersive digital solutions specifically designed for sports.

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For hospitality

Deliver an engaging and interactive guest experience while optimizing the workflow for staff with a multi-screen video-centric solution that caters to hotels of all shapes and sizes.

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For enterprise

Optimize your organization’s use of video for information, communication and entertainment with a cloud-based multi-screen solution that centralizes all employee and customer interactions.

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For healthcare

Upgrade the patient experience and boost operational efficiencies with a complete multi-screen system for all your video needs in a hospital or residential care environment.

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Deliver a premium Launcher experience.

Upgrade the default Android TV Launcher with a premium set-top box experience that is uniquely tailored to your brand.

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