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Powerful editor to transform your OTT workflow.

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Intuitive editor for effortless UI management.

Accedo One screen of the Editor feature, the movie "Baby Driver" is the main image.

One back-end, endless possibilities.

Accedo One screen showing the Editor for a sitemap

Sitemaps across all devices

You can easily define the structure and layout of the application’s navigation, making it intuitive for users to navigate through different sections and content.

Whether your users access your OTT platform on a mobile device, tablet, or smart TV, the editor empowers you to create responsive sitemaps that adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Curate user navigation

Easily customize the order, arrangement, and visibility of navigation elements, such as menus, categories, and subcategories.

This allows you to highlight featured content, trending shows, or specific genres, and tailor the user experience to match your audience's preferences.

Accedo One screen showing a "Add Page" popup modal.
3 mobile devices showing video content with 8 different logos in rows of 4 underneath. Logos include Android, Apple, Roku and more.

No re-submitting to app stores

Push content updates, UI modifications, and bug fixes directly to your application in real-time.

By eliminating the lengthy app store review process, you can respond swiftly to user feedback, adapt to market trends, and ensure your content and features are always up-to-date.

Dynamic playlists

Define rules and criteria for playlist creation, such as genre, release date, popularity, or user preferences.

As new content is added to your library or existing content evolves, the playlists automatically update, to ensure that your users always have access to fresh and relevant content.

Accedo One screen showing the process of building a "Dynamic feed"
Accedo One screen showing an app preview - main image is of "Drift" with a surfer sitting on their board in the water.

App previews

App previews provide a visual representation of the user interface, navigation flow, and overall design aesthetics of your OTT platform.

By reviewing and fine-tuning the app preview, you can ensure that your application aligns with your brand identity, offers an intuitive user experience, and meets your quality standards.

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