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Build your video ecosystem without writing any line of code.

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Your brand your way on all devices
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Video content management
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Powerful editor to manage your content
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Seamless and flexible integrations
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Hassle-free go-to market.

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Rapid time-to-market

Launch your video business swiftly with Accedo One, avoiding lengthy integration. Bring top-tier content to customers while Accedo handles technical aspects, freeing your focus for an exceptional user experience.

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Effective revenue generation

Effectively monetize content with Accedo One. Explore versatile options like AVOD, SVOD, and Hybrid models. Engage subscribers, offer value, and increase adoption rates with reduced or free ad-supported tiers.

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2 screens showing the customizable UX experience

Customizable UX experience

Empower your brand with Accedo One's flexible front-end solution. Customize the UX experience to match your brand's identity. Utilize native app templates for a seamless and captivating interface, offering a nearly bespoke experience.

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screen showing different integrations with Accedo One

Expanded Reach

Maximize reach and scalability with Accedo One. Simultaneously go live on multiple platforms and in multiple countries. Effortlessly expand by adding new platforms as you grow, no specialized developers required.

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screen showing the vendor logos in the Accedo One marketplace

Pre-integrated Vendor

Experience seamless integration with Accedo One's pre-integrated vendor partnerships. Collaborate with best-in-class partners, covering all service aspects for a smooth and efficient workflow.

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Enhanced User Experience

Delight customers with the features they love with Accedo One. Features like Continue Watching, Offline Mode, Skip Intro, Are you still watching at your fingertips to ensure a smooth experience.

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Complexity made simple.

Accedo One combines efficiency with its no code approach and flexibility with its marketplace of best-of-breed vendors to tailor and optimize your video business.

Accedo One infographic of "Your Video Business" connected to a large Accedo One logo with surrounding integration logos. The Accedo One logo is then connected to 4 icons of differing devices.Accedo One infographic of "Your Video Business" connected to a large Accedo One logo with surrounding integration logos. The Accedo One logo is then connected to 4 icons of differing devices.

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