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Screenshot of Accedo One's design editor - the main screen is displaying the text "Top Gun: Maverick" on top of an image.
Laptop screen of Accedo One's brand colors screen


Customize the look and feel of your platform with a variety of design options, from color schemes to layouts. Craft an immersive user interface that engages your viewers and reinforces your brand presence, leaving a lasting impression.


Accedo One empowers you to tailor the navigation of your OTT service to ensure viewers can easily find and enjoy your content. Create intuitive menus, categories, and search functionalities that enhance discoverability and allow users to effortlessly explore your catalog.

Laptop screen of Accedo One custom navigation
Laptop screen showing the Brand settings on Accedo One


Maintain a strong brand identity at every touchpoint of your OTT service. Customize logos, icons, fonts and visual elements to align with your brand guidelines and foster a sense of familiarity and trust among your audience. By consistently showcasing your brand, you can establish a strong connection with your audience.


Adapt and stay relevant to your audience. Accedo One allows you to create variations in the appearance of your OTT service. Whether it's seasonal promotions, targeted campaigns, or feature testing, you can effortlessly switch between different visual themes to match the occasion and maintain a fresh and engaging user experience.

laptop screen showing an edit screen of Accedo One
laptop with a screen showing a list of languages to choose from


Accedo One enables you to easily cater to diverse language preferences. Seamlessly integrate multilingual capabilities into your OTT service, allowing viewers to enjoy content in their preferred language.

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