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components of the Insights feature
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Most watched

The top 10 list based on hours watched for each video type.

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Daily Hours watched

Summary of all users' playback of all types of content during the time period.

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Active users

Number of unique users per device starting the service during the time period.

Enhancing your OTT service with the power of insights

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Understand your audience

  • Gain valuable insights into the content that resonates most with your audience.

  • Make informed decisions regarding content acquisition, production, and promotion, ensuring that your catalog aligns closely with the tastes and preferences of your subscribers.

Fine-tune engagement strategies

  • Understand the viewing habits and engagement levels of your audience.

  • Identify patterns in peak viewing times, binge-watching behaviors, and user retention rates.

  • Optimize your release schedules, promotional campaigns, and even recommend personalized content to individual users.

Laptop screen an overview of an accounts statistics.
Laptop screen with a bar graph showing "Monthly active users".

Identify growth opportunities

  • Identify emerging genres, niche markets, or untapped demographics that exhibit significant potential for expansion.

  • Direct your content acquisition strategies, invest in original productions, or explore new partnerships that cater to your specific audiences, expanding your subscriber base and driving long-term growth.

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