Redefining Live Streaming: HYFI's Journey to 4K HDR Excellence with Accedo One.







HYFI’s partnership with Accedo One transformed HYFI into the ultimate 4K HDR live music platform, fostering innovation, quality, and growth in the digital concert space.


HYFI, the world’s first 4K HDR live-streaming service focused on live music, was founded in 2020 with the goal of redefining the world of live streaming concerts.

Founder and Industry veteran Brenton Henry had previously launched America's first dedicated live-streaming concert platform with Danny Clark, now HYFI’s Vice-President, in 2006 and had worked with renowned artists like the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. Building on this experience, HYFI set out to raise the bar in the streaming arena, focusing on delivering a top-tier 4k HDR* streaming experience. HYFI developed an in-house Content Management System (CMS) and video pipeline to meet these standards. They recognized the need for an end-to-end solution that could eliminate limitations such as lack of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support faced with other OTT vendors. In this pursuit, Accedo One emerged as the perfect partner to help realize their ambitions. 

Recognizing the gap in the market for a specialized turnkey solution catering to HDR streaming, HYFI was determined to provide a platform for musicians and brands lacking the resources to create their own app ecosystems. HYFI’s ambition is to to become the go-to destination for premium content - concerts, festivals, and live music events of various scale. 

“Finally, we have a user experience that matches our high-quality content,” says Brenton about the HYFI launch on Accedo One.

Game-changing Integrations to Drive Business Forward 

One of the key aspects of their collaboration with Accedo One was the integration of HYFI’s proprietary CMS with Accedo One’s backend using the Integration Development Kit (IDK). This integration allowed HYFI to seamlessly connect its apps with the platform while continually fine-tuning various aspects, such as caching, metadata management, and updates.

HYFI also leveraged Accedo One’s marketplace, notably partnering with JWP (formerly known as InPlayer), to streamline user entitlement and content authentication, enhancing the efficiency of their streaming service management within a singular system. Additionally, they joined forces with Bitmovin Analytics through Accedo One’s marketplace to monitor the performance of their HDR content delivery, centralizing analytical data and addressing past OTT vendor issues. 

HYFI founder Brenton stressed the importance of understanding audience engagement with their premier 4K HDR content and immersive audio. Previously unable to measure customer satisfaction, the integration with Accedo One and Bitmovin provided evidence of their audience's genuine appreciation for the advanced tech. Furthermore, HYFI uses the AWS** ecosystem, highlighting its commitment to elite live streaming and maximizing Amazon's cloud services' potential, especially as Accedo One is an AWS-certified solution, offering access to expansive cloud computing, storage, and streaming technologies.

These strategic partnerships and integrations were pivotal in enabling HYFI to maintain a competitive edge in the live-streaming industry. By combining forces with like-minded companies and leveraging Accedo One's marketplace, HYFI found the tools and flexibility needed to continue pushing the boundaries of high-quality live events. 

A Trusted Partnership: Achieving Excellence Through Collaboration

From the outset, HYFI found Accedo One to be a trusted ally that delivered beyond expectations. The business relationship was marked by open communication, proactive problem-solving, and a shared commitment to excellence. 

"From the get-go, we felt well supported by Accedo One. The team was truly interested in figuring out how to make things work for us based on our requirements. Accedo One's flexibility allowed us to integrate our proprietary CMS with their backend seamlessly. The entire experience has been really collaborative, and Accedo One team has been supportive” - Brenton Henry, Founder of HYFI

Accedo One's consistent pace of innovation and updates proved invaluable to HYFI, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the streaming industry, continuously improving the streaming experience for their audience.

As Brenton reflected on their journey, he emphasized the importance of the partnership in helping HYFI thrive and overcome challenges unique to their business, such as the requirement for 4k HDR content delivery, which no other vendor was prepared to facilitate. The partnership allowed HYFI to focus on delivering the best possible content to its audience while relying on Accedo One's expertise in backend technology and support.

"We love the pace Accedo One maintains in rolling out new features. It's great that we can depend on updates to come out every quarter. Accedo One has consistently demonstrated their commitment to our success."

HYFI envisions expanding its channel partnerships, hosting major music festivals, and introducing advertising support—all with the assistance of Accedo One. The partnership with Accedo One has been instrumental in HYFI's growth and success, and they eagerly anticipate more opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the future.

HYFI’s collaboration with Accedo One has empowered them to redefine the live music streaming landscape, emphasizing innovation, quality, and growth, and the journey continues toward achieving 4K HDR excellence. 

*4K is TV that is four times more detailed than Full HD translating to incredible clarity and razor-sharp detail. HDR technology makes colors look more real and vibrant, improving how dark and bright things appear on screen. When 4K and HDR work together, they give you a TV picture that's really lifelike, with colors and details that look more like what we see with our own eyes.

**The Accedo One platform is fully cloud-native and makes use of the AWS Cloud to ensure scalability, performance, and availability around the globe. Accedo One utilizes a variety of AWS services - including Amazon CloudFront, a fast content delivery network (CDN), Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic search Service, Amazon DocumentDB, and Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) to provide a robust service that ensures customers’ footage is securely delivered with high transfer speeds and quality.

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