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Accedo One Adds VIZIO Support for the U.S.

The first customer deployed on VIZIOʼs SmartCast platform using Accedo One - Accedo's cloud-based SaaS video platform - is Hallmark Movies Now.


Neringa Kudeviciute

Product Marketing Manager

October 12, 2022




Stockholm, Sweden, 18th January, 2023 - Accedo has added VIZIO to the stack of supported platforms for its cloud-based SaaS video platform, Accedo One. The first customer deployed on VIZIOʼs SmartCast platform using Accedo One is Hallmark Movies Now.

New and existing Accedo One customers can now build and launch video streaming applications for VIZIO SmartCast TVs. Accedoʼs addition of VIZIO as a supported platform enables video businesses to accelerate development and deployment of an application to millions of VIZIO consumers across the United States.

Accedo joins VIZIOʼs prestigious Preferred Developer Program, announced at VIZIOʼs 2022 Developer Conference. As a certified developer in the program, Accedo is listed among the developers that VIZIO connects with new content partners. Apps built by Accedo also enjoy an accelerated onboarding process through the program. VIZIO is one of the largest TV brands in the U.S. with over 16 million active accounts.

Accedo has already launched several streaming apps on VIZIO TVs for content verticals including news, entertainment and lifestyle content. Working with an end-to-end OTT solution like Accedo One opens up deployment options across VIZIOʼs attractive suite of Smart TVs for a wide community of video service providers.

Accedo One is a SaaS platform that enables global media companies to deliver impactful video experiences across multiple devices and platforms globally. It offers users the ability to quickly configure and launch branded streaming applications. It also provides an extensive marketplace of pre-integrated partner vendors, so that video businesses can create their own unique back-end vendor stack, without writing a single line of code.

"Working with an end-to-end solution like Accedo One helps video content providers to quickly and easily launch streaming applications on VIZIO,” said Seta Goldstein, Director of Content &Technology Partnerships at VIZIO. “We look forward to the opportunity to add even more apps to the VIZIO platform with Accedo.

Fredrik Andersson, SVP Products, Accedo added, "VIZIO is a key player in the OTT ecosystem, and is, therefore, a key cornerstone in our strategy to offer a premium SaaS platform with reach and scale for the U.S. market.”

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Accedo One Adds VIZIO Support for the U.S.