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Neringa Kudeviciute

Senior Product Marketing Manager

June 4, 2024




How video stream quality and user experience excellence will drive video service success.


2023 was a rocky year for the media and entertainment industry. Amidst a troubled macroeconomic landscape as well as production delays due to the Writers Guild of America strike, many video streaming companies were faced both with reducing subscriber figures and a difficulty to feed their content catalogs. At the same time, the streaming wars have certainly intensified in recent years, with more companies entering the market and the large established players investing heavily in original content to attract and retain viewers. All in all, it has become increasingly difficult to carve out one’s part of the video streaming pie and service providers will have to be clever about how they optimize their services to stand out from the crowd.

In parallel with this challenged and increasingly crowded landscape, user expectations are at an all time high. U.S. churn levels are nearing the 50% mark and customers on a global level are seemingly more selective in their choice of OTT subscriptions. In fact, according to some studies 62% would not sign up for a new streaming service without cutting another one out of their subscription mix.

For providers of video streaming services, this means that there is a need to step up their game in order to both attract and, perhaps even more importantly, retain loyal users. It is a long-standing and well established fact that video stream quality and an engaging user experience are key factors in keeping customers happy and engaged. So knowing how important these things are for running a successful OTT business, why are they so difficult to achieve? Is it time to revisit strategies and tools for getting these  basic rules of OTT engagement right, in order to come out winning in the intensifying battle for users’ attention?

In this ebook, we will examine three common challenges still faced by many OTT service providers. Based on the findings from a recent consumer survey commissioned by Accedo and Brightcove, we will highlight the importance of getting the OTT basics right and provide you with hands-on recommendations for how to take your video streaming service to the next level.


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