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Bridging the gap - Winning strategies for small to medium-sized SVODs

Strategies for smaller, thematic and niche SVOD streaming services. Take a creative approach to partnering, lean on content exclusivity and well-defined service branding.


Tony Gunnarsson

Principal Analyst at Omdia

December 7, 2023

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Online video streaming has grown over the last decade to become a major global industry, with countless streaming services across different business models all competing for customers’ attention. For customers this is overwhelmingly positive—the availability of a broad range of streaming services means that they can pick and choose services that provide the content that they enjoy, from large global services that offer something for everyone to smaller services specializing in specific genres or niche content.

For companies looking to enter the streaming space, the sheer scale of competition might pose a never-ending list of challenges, with the cost of technology and content an obvious barrier to entry while services differentiation and discoverability pose significant challenges to longer-term ambitions. But there are lessons to be drawn from examples of how smaller streaming services have navigated the modern streaming landscape, by identifying and targeting the right market and audience, by creatively seeking out partners and by making the most of content with limited investment. While global SVOD services dominate most markets at a mass-market level, there remains a sizable opportunity for services focusing on niche content and audiences.

In this whitepaper "Bridging the Gap: Winning Strategies for Small to Medium-sized SVODs", learn how:

Learn how:

  1. Forming strategic partnerships with pay-TV and telco operators can significantly accelerate subscriber acquisition and improve retention rates for SVOD services. Learn about the success of commercial bundling and cross-marketing strategies, particularly effective in North America and Western Europe.
  2. Creative co-promotions and collaborations with industries beyond traditional media can elevate brand visibility and audience engagement. Get insights into successful examples of SVOD services partnering with companies in different sectors, from e-grocery apps to credit card companies, showcasing innovative strategies for reaching new markets and audiences.
  3. Tailoring your SVOD service to a well-defined niche audience can significantly improve market positioning and customer loyalty. Acorn TV's success story, focusing on British TV series and expanding internationally with exclusive content, illustrates the effectiveness of a disciplined approach to content investment and market presence.
  4. Developing a bespoke release strategy for each new title can maximize content value and audience engagement. Read about the advantage of smaller services in managing content releases more closely, ensuring that each title gets the attention it deserves, unlike the rapid output of global SVODs.
  5. Diversifying revenue streams beyond traditional SVOD can significantly enhance the return on content investments. Explore strategies employed by smaller streaming services to monetize their content through various channels, including theatrical releases, physical video formats, and transactional VOD, providing a multifaceted approach to content monetization.

Source: Consumer Research - Devices, Media & Usage Spotlight Service, Omdia

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Bridging the gap - Winning strategies for small to medium-sized SVODs