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Enhancing user acquisition with an Unauthenticated Homepage


Neringa Kudeviciute

Senior Product Marketing Manager

May 28, 2024




The first impression users have of your service can significantly impact their engagement and loyalty. An unauthenticated homepage offers a streamlined sign-in/sign-up process, providing a secure and personalized experience before users access the core features of your application. This approach caters to both native apps and web platforms, ensuring a cohesive experience across different user interfaces.

What is an Unauthenticated Homepage?

An unauthenticated homepage delivers two distinct experiences: one for native OTT apps and another for web platforms.

Native OTT Apps

For native OTT apps, users who are not signed in will see a promotional page upon launching the app. This page replaces the standard homepage, requiring users to sign in or register before they can access the main content. This ensures that all users are authenticated, enhancing security and personalization.

Web Platforms

In addition to the native app experience, web platforms can feature a full content page with promotional texts, images, and content previews. This richer landing page not only promotes the service but also entices users to engage and learn more about the offerings. Such a branded OTT experience helps in effective OTT platform monetization by driving user engagement.

Example of Unauthenticated Homepage

Business Value

User Acquisition

Prompts for sign-in/sign-up increase the likelihood of capturing user information, aiding in building a substantial customer base. This step is crucial for converting casual visitors into registered users, especially in a competitive OTT market.

Monetization Control

Service providers can strategically gate access to their services, creating opportunities for OTT monetization through premium content or subscription models. By offering exclusive content to signed-in users, businesses can enhance their revenue streams. This is particularly effective for AVOD OTT platforms that rely on ad placements and hybrid OTT monetization strategies.


Promoting the service to new users is essential for expanding the user base, increasing brand visibility, and driving overall business growth. A well-designed unauthenticated homepage can serve as an effective marketing tool, contributing to an OTT strategy.

User Experience

The unauthenticated homepage feature is optional and can be toggled on or off for the entire service or specific platforms. Here's an overview of the user experience when this feature is enabled:

Initial Launch: When users launch the app without being signed in, they are presented with the unauthenticated homepage instead of the standard homepage.

Unauthenticated Homepage elements (see image below):

  1. A custom background image
  2. The service logo
  3. A heading
  4. A short descriptive text
  5. A button for the register & subscribe flow
  6. A button for the sign-in flow

Unauthenticated Homepage elements

After completing the registration or signing in, users are redirected to the standard homepage. Upon subsequent launches, authenticated users bypass the unauthenticated homepage and directly access the main content.

Accedo One take on a web landing page

When a user open the website, and they are not currently signed in to the service, they will be presented with the unauthenticated homepage instead of the standard homepage of the service.

The unauthenticated homepage on web is richer than in the native apps, and allows a service provider to configure it to show various types of content.

An example of how the unauthenticated homepage on web could be set up

The unauthenticated homepage for web is set up in Accedo One Admin and can be constructed in the same way as any other content page in the service. In addition to the standard content containers the unauthenticated homepage for web also supports a special promotional container which is meant to help service providers create a tailored web landing page experience for new users.

After following the register/subscribe flow to the end, or after successfully signing in to the service, the user will be taken to the standard home page of the service. As a signed in user, the next time they load the website, they will not see the unauthenticated homepage experience but instead be taken directly to the standard homepage.

Users that are already signed in to the service will not see the unauthenticated homepage when they launch the website. If a user signs out of the service, they will not see the unauthenticated homepage until they reload the website.


An unauthenticated homepage is a strategic tool for enhancing user acquisition, controlling monetization, and fostering business growth. By creating a seamless and engaging sign-in/sign-up experience, businesses can ensure that their users receive a secure and personalized introduction to their services, setting the stage for long-term engagement and satisfaction. 


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Enhancing user acquisition with an Unauthenticated Homepage