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How can we Protect Revenues with DRM Support?

Here are our top three reasons why all video providers should consider and evaluate various DRM solutions to protect revenues


Markus Hejdenberg

Head of Product Sales & Marketing

November 11, 2022



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Digital Rights Management (DRM) is more important than ever. When we envisioned Accedo One Marketplace, we pictured a place where our customers could experiment and seamlessly add high-quality technology solutions to their video service. Enabling this marketplace makes Accedo One flexible and functional for all of our customers. And, to ensure we help our customers meet their goals, we constantly upgrade our tools and partners to support new customer demands and needs. The latest slew of integrations to Accedo One Marketplace allows our customers to be selective and choose the DRM providers they desire to embed into their service with ease. 

Here are our top three reasons why all video providers should consider and evaluate various DRM solutions.

1. File-sharing is widespread and convenient

Across the globe, it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to share video content with each other. Many households share passwords for their streaming platforms; however, that is just the beginning of the problem for service providers. Recent data from Statista states that pirated video content receives over 230 billion views per year. An even more alarming stat is that over 80% of global online piracy can be attributed to illegal streaming services. The illegal video service providers make otherwise gated content available for free and accessible from anywhere in the world. As file-sharing and piracy is increasing, video providers should ensure that their content is protected. 

2. Security breaches impact the bottom line

Since consumers are often willing to watch pirated content that is readily available instead of subscribing or paying for your high-valuable content, it is easy to assume that security breaches affect the company’s revenue. Statista estimates that piracy significantly impacts the US and global movie industry. The report claims that US digital video piracy causes losses between $29.2 and $71 billion annually, while globally, the industry may be losing between $40 and 97.1 billion each year. To avoid having company’s valuable data available on illegal streaming platforms, an elevated level of protection from hacking attacks is the need of the hour.

3. To obtain third-party high-value content

Content providers and studios most likely entrust their premium video content to those who have security measures in place. With the rise in piracy, their premium content has been impacted negatively, due to which production companies are cautious before entering into new contracts with video service providers. Adopting market-leading DRM solutions is crucial  for video service providers to ensure the security of their content and, ultimately, securing those deals.

There are several DRM solutions for you to choose from, depending on your budget, workflow, and existing tools. Some of the DRM providers that Accedo One integrates with also provide you with an opportunity to explore other tool sets that might benefit your service along the video chain, including bundling services. 

Accedo One customers can choose from some of the best multi-DRM solutions such as Brightcove, Verimatrix, and Vualto. These providers are industry standards and have a long successful history of working with video deliveries and content security along the value chain. 

To learn more about which vendors best fit your workflow and needs, add solutions from your Accedo One marketplace if you’re already an Accedo One customer, or contact us to get a demo. 


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