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Revolutionizing AVOD OTT: Pressing Play on Pause Ads


Johan Alfvén

Head of Product Management

October 12, 2023




In a world where OTT streaming services offer content anytime and anywhere, the traditional advertising models of yesteryear are becoming increasingly obsolete. The AVOD (Ad-Supported Video On Demand) model is evolving by increasingly leveraging user data and advanced analytics to curate personalized advertising experiences, aiming to enhance viewer engagement while boosting ad revenues. There’s a notable shift towards exploring alternative ad formats and interactive advertising to maintain user interest and optimize screen time. A new approach - Pause Ads - respects user experience and maintains a harmonious relationship between content providers, viewers and brands, moving beyond the standard 10-20-30 second video ads.

The Subtle Power of Pause Ads

At its core, a pause ad is a non-intrusive advertisement that graciously appears when a user pauses their content. Whether through a static image, banner or a text, these ads ensure that messages from advertisers are conveyed without interrupting the viewer’s experience. Providers like AT&T and Hulu have embraced pause ads, recognizing their capacity to intertwine advertising with user-initiated breaks, creating a seamless and far less disruptive ad display and a more welcoming OTT user experience.

Changing Ads Viewing Habits

According to Hulu in 2019, viewers predominantly pause their content for reasons including taking a bathroom break, grabbing a snack or drink, answering phone calls, conversing with someone in the room, and tending to household activities like cooking, laundry, and cleaning. And  when it comes to consuming ads on video streaming platforms, the watching habits of today’s OTT audience are changing. Let’s discuss the current trends and what it means for brands and video businesses. 

More Binge-Watching:

  • People are watching shows for longer periods and pausing more often.
  • This gives a chance to share messages and ads during these breaks.

Need for Relevant Ads:

  • 67% of viewers want ads to be relevant to what they’re watching.
  • Ads need to connect with the show or movie to make an impact.

Quick, Strong Connections:

  • Brands have to impress viewers quickly, as attention spans are short.
  • Creating surprising and interesting experiences is key to catching viewers' eyes and keeping their attention.

In a nutshell, as habits change, keeping ads relevant, interesting, and timely is essential for OTT businesses to connect with viewers and make a lasting impression.

Maximizing Benefits for Advertiser and OTT Service with Pause Ads

The AVOD strategy isn’t confined to merely deciding between different ad formats but envelops a comprehensive approach towards user experience, engagement, and successful ad conversions.

Benefits for OTT Services:

  • Seamless integration: Craft shoppable moments without abrupt disruptions
  • Elevated brand awareness: Ensure brand messages are relayed during peak user attention without direct intrusion into the viewing experience

Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Consumer goodwill: Deliver ads without hindering the viewing journey enhances positive reception
  • High engagement: Utilize natural breaks increases the probability of ad engagement and interaction

Level up your AVOD platforms with Pause Ads?

Embarking on a journey to develop and monetize an OTT brand that resonates with consumers requires more than just strategic ad placements. It is worth noting that pause ads, while being innovative and less intrusive, come with their own set of challenges and legal considerations, such as patent US 2002/0100041 A1 owned by DIRECTV. This necessitates a thorough review and analysis before integration, which is something the Accedo One team is adeptly equipped to navigate.  

Pause Ads are available to Accedo One customers on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, LG, Samsung, Vizio.

To explore the full potential of pause ads and to navigate the complexities of OTT service provision and AVOD monetization, reach out to the Accedo One team. Your journey to creating a compelling and monetizable OTT brand begins with a conversation. Contact Accedo One team today.


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Revolutionizing AVOD OTT: Pressing Play on Pause Ads