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The Seamless Path for your Data Strategy: Accedo One

Accedo One provides seamless and diverse integration with top-class partners in one powerful SaaS platform, helping you to build the video service of your dream.


Markus Hejdenberg

Head of Product Sales & Marketing

October 4, 2022



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Data is clearly one of the crucial driving factors in making key decisions for every OTT service in the market. While most providers track metrics for their service, the question remains around whether any of the collected data is useful. If so, determining how to use this data can be tricky as well. No two video services are the same, so learning how to aptly leverage this data is key to engaging subscribers, monetizing your service, and decreasing churn. In the past, the data-driven approach has been limited to the giants of the industry like Netflix, because there hasn’t been a low-cost one-size-fits-all approach. 

While our customer base is mainly providers of video services, there are nuanced needs pertaining to business models and tracking. Due to the various economic models, the providers are not aware of what data they need to track in order to receive practical insights and foster their understanding of service performance and engagement. And, some businesses have specific use cases that require custom solutions. The flexibility to create a bespoke platform to address these unique needs can be complex and quite expensive. 

The ethos behind Accedo One is allowing for accessibility to our expertly designed platform and the associated tools available within it, including analytics tools, leading to the creation of a bespoke video service. We understand that every business sets specific goals to achieve, so Accedo One Marketplace allows you to select the appropriate tools to define and configure your analytical needs to match your business KPIs. Furthermore, we have set up the addition of some common use cases and/or custom use cases for providers to quickly add analytics to their platform, making the pre-integration process simpler.


We have established that the challenge with data-driven video services is capturing and managing large amounts of data under one umbrella. As your service grows, it is important that you test different partner integrations to optimize your platform. However, incorporating different vendors in addition to the existing ones, can make the data management process complicated. 

Within Accedo One’s platform, there is an abstraction layer that captures all the data and funnels it to one or many respective partners. This feature makes it easier and gives you the ability to experiment with new partners and maintain multiple integrations, all while funnelling the specifically desired data to each analytics partner. 

It is worth mentioning that different partners use different naming conventions for values and events sent within the video service platform, increasing the complexity of the data collection process. The abstraction layer within Accedo One normalizes the collection of events and values, allowing you to conform to the property mapping of your different vendors out of the box.

Abstraction Layer


Since configuring analytics to your platform is not simple, it can often be difficult as well to determine the appropriate way to handle this task depending on your existing business model, subscriptions, and ads. 

With Accedo One, you can get started easily with some of the pre-configuration options available for you. In the Accedo One dashboard, you can add or remove the available keys or values to ensure the data sent matches your team’s requirements. Additionally, you can also request custom keys or values for your analytics tool. The Accedo team will guide you through the onboarding process to verify the configurations meet your business model and needs. The team can also be made available for hands-on support even after the service is live to make any changes necessary to the configurations.

Out of the box Integrations are available

Many analytics providers have begun their business by specializing in a particular field, such as Business Intelligence or Attribution, and eventually branch out to provide more comprehensive analytics. With many vendors offering additional capabilities, the analytics landscape has further become challenging to navigate. The question remains whether one vendor is sufficient to view/analyze all of the data, or, should you split the data depending on each vendor’s capabilities and strengths? 

Data accuracy is the foundation for everything that happens downstream in the video streaming process. To nail this, a verified and reliable data set is required by the teams involved in capturing and processing the data. And, the easiest way to begin this journey is by using a vendor that has already established the data capturing and processing system for multiple customers, so that this process need not be recreated each time you want to test a new vendor.


There are several areas to determine which vendor suits your current needs. Here’s a baseline evaluation criteria that you can use when hiring vendors. 

On a high level, analytics is divided into five different categories of processing and presenting data.

  1. Insights is exploring historical data with an emphasis on statistical analysis.
  2. Automating and optimizing insights into historical data is used to automate and optimize performance and processes.
  3. Descriptive analytics is used to track performance indicators to better understand the current state of your service. 
  4. Predictive analytics analyzes trend data to assess the likelihood of future outcomes. 
  5. Prescriptive analytics uses past performance data to recommend practical actions to improve the service and future outcomes. 

When evaluating different providers, you can look at different areas of the offering and what that delivers:

Business intelligence & Behaviour

Insights into the performance of your business, for example, churn, MAU, and ad retention. As well as how users navigate and use your service.


Insights into which marketing campaigns are driving engagement and signups to your service. Measurements across all possible campaign types, email, Social, Ads, etc.

Quality of Service

Insights into the video stack and the performance of its component, CDN, Origin, player, and other parts of your video delivery chain.

Data collectors & processors

Important, if you need to normalize data across multiple sources and want a partner to pre-process before the data makes it into your dashboards.

We have a number of providers within Accedo One Marketplace that cover the areas outlined above:

OTT Analytics and SVOD Insights Platform: JUMP Insights is an all-in-one business intelligence tool that provides insights about your service’s overall business performance, audience activity, content watched, and the experience provided.

Nielsen is a global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics, shaping the future of media. Measuring behavior across all channels and platforms to discover what audiences love, we empower our clients with trusted intelligence that fuels action.

MMX Multi-Platform offers comprehensive, person-level reporting across all devices and screens on all forms of digital content, providing metrics such as unique visitors, reach, time spent, and cross-visitation. Measure the consumption habits of your digital audience and your competitive set with insights into audience size, demographic composition, and engagement, as well as Advanced Audience behaviors, lifestyles, and digital interests.

mParticle is the Customer Data Platform for leading consumer brands. Product Managers, Growth Marketers, and Developers at enterprises and high-growth startups alike use mParticle to simplify their data infrastructure, increase their data quality, safeguard customer trust, and orchestrate data-driven experiences that drive results.

Datazoom is a cloud-based real-time Video Data Platform that provides data collection, data cleaning & standardization, and integration for content publishers and the streaming ecosystem. We offer Collectors for video players and CDNs using Behavior in-house SDKs and APIs, a Data Dictionary that conforms data CTA-2066 video data standard, Data Pipes that include a menu for selective datapoint routing, and Connectors for sending data into data warehousing & analytics platforms and feedback services.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. As of 2019, Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the web. Google Analytics provides an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android, known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

Conviva pioneered and continues to define the standards for real-time, cross-screen, end-to-end streaming media intelligence. Built for streaming video, the Conviva platform enables you to understand and act on experience, advertising, social, and content insights for every stream across every screen, every second.

Youboras mission is to help businesses visualize their data in new ways, discover insights and unlock this data’s endless potential. Dedication to our customers defines what we do and our drive to deliver best-in-class technology. We believe our tools can change the way companies do business worldwide and why work each day to achieve this ideal.

Kochava is the industry standard for secure, real-time data solutions. We help people-based marketers establish identity, define and activate audiences, and measure and optimize their marketing across connected devices.


Partners that are not analytics providers per say but do play an important role in providing data and insights towards our customers.  

eSuite HQ provides a raft of reporting tools to enable you to extract pertinent analytics and adopt churn management strategies. Download account details, lists of orders, order tracking, subscriptions, churned customers and more. Getting an insightful snapshot of important metrics doesn’t have to require hours of work in spreadsheets. The eSuite HQ dashboard enables you to quickly build custom views tailored to your needs for at-a-glance analysis.

Access detailed data on who is viewing your content, how it is being viewed (devices, browsers, operating systems), how long it is being viewed, and where viewers are coming from. With Brightcove you can analyze player loads, views, viewed minutes, percent of content viewed, new viewers, unique viewers, attention span, top domains, geography, traffic sources, search terms, and more.

Put data science at the heart of your subscription business. ChurnIQ 2.0 gives you specialized retention analytics and AI-detected subscriber insights.

Leverage the wealth of data with machine learning (ML) technology to boost video monetization with algorithm-powered data on audiences.

Marketplace partners

Integration partners in the Accedo One marketplace that can be requested

We help content owners to monitor and improve their video workflow so they can deliver the best quality of streaming experience. Monitor Your Service Quality Get access to real-time data on how the different parts of your workflow are performing.

Mux Data is a real-time analytics platform used by some of the largest video brands in the world. Mux Data helps the engineering and operations teams at these companies monitor and improve video streaming performance by measuring the Quality of Experience of every stream: things like startup time, rebuffering, video quality, and playback failure.

Make strategic decisions to optimize content and ad views. Access real-time video activity on your network to make critical business decisions. Quickly identify and act on the exact friction points in your media that are causing churn in viewer engagement.

The future is data-driven

Undoubtedly, the future of the video services industry is data-driven. The key to remaining relevant and competitive in this rapidly changing media landscape will be learning how your end-users consume content, predicting churn, and optimizing monetization. However, achieving all of this would also depend on the tools available to your type and maturity of the business. 

Accedo One empowers you to integrate specialist and generalist partners into your service. The list of our partners, highly-valuable out of the box analytics, and the potential to extend with custom use cases allows you to use the data and set your business up for success. 

Reach out to your Accedo Sales Representative to discuss your data strategy.


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