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Top 3 underrated UX features on OTT Platforms


Antony Portier

Product Designer

November 28, 2023




The race to captivate and retain audiences in the streaming business extends far beyond content libraries and streaming quality. UX design also plays a pivotal role in forging the connection between users and the platform, and it can facilitate this dynamic relationship in myriad ways. Today, we uncover three underrated UX features that are often overlooked but can be a key to creating a more personalized, intuitive, and privacy-conscious experience for your users. Whether you're a decision-maker in the industry or a UX enthusiast, we hope these insights will prompt you to rethink how users interact with your platform and the profound impact it can have on their viewing experience.

Edit Watch History

The feature of editing watch history is a nuanced and user-centric functionality in the OTT platform experience. It offers two key scenarios:

a) Selective Removal for Personalized Recommendations: Users should have the ability to remove specific items from their watch history. This is essential for those times when they start a show or movie accidentally or realize partway through that it’s not to their taste. These stray viewings can skew the algorithm's understanding of their preferences, leading to less accurate recommendations and personalized marketing that doesn’t align with users' expectations. 

b) Privacy in Shared Account Settings: In the case of family or shared plans and accounts, users often desire the ability to remove certain items from their watch history to maintain privacy. This is especially pertinent in households where multiple people have access to the same account, ensuring that one's viewing choices remain personal.

Example of Edit Watch History UX


Implementing edit capabilities in watch history empowers users to curate their interaction history with the platform, thereby enhancing the relevance of content suggestions and maintaining a sense of privacy and control over their viewing habits. The capability to edit watch history is more than a mere convenience; it's a reflection of your platform's commitment to user agency and privacy. By empowering users to refine their interaction history, you not only enhance their overall experience but also demonstrate a deep understanding of the diverse needs and concerns of your audience.

Search Page Promotion

Outside of serving the content search function, the search page can be a powerful space for content discovery and promotion. This involves strategically utilizing the additional real estate on the search page to highlight and promote content tailored to individual user preferences.

Example of Search Page Promotion page before user input


The key here is to leverage user-watching habits to curate and showcase content. This could mean promoting new releases, hidden gems, or even under-watched content that aligns with the user's past viewing patterns. By analyzing user behavior, platforms can create a dynamic and personalized search page experience that not only serves the search function but also acts as a discovery portal. This proactive approach ensures that users don't miss out on content they are likely to enjoy. It elevates the search page from a mere utility to an engaging, content-rich destination. 

Manual Personalization

Manual personalization allows users to tailor their viewing experience according to their specific interests, such as favorite sports, teams, or athletes.

The idea is to put the power of content curation in the user's hands. Sports fans are notably passionate and loyal to their teams or sports. By enabling them to adjust settings to prioritize content related to their interests, platforms can significantly enhance the relevance and engagement of the user experience.

Example of Manual Personalization for Sports OTT mobile app


This level of customization ensures that fans have easier and quicker access to the content most relevant to them, be it live games, highlights, interviews, or analysis of their favorite teams and sports. It fosters a deeper connection with the platform, as users feel their unique preferences are being catered to, enhancing their overall engagement and satisfaction.

For OTT platforms looking to stand out in a crowded market, paying attention to these underrated aspects of UX design can be a game changer. It's time to shift the focus from solely content-driven strategies to a holistic approach that encompasses vital UX enhancements and evolves with time. 

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Top 3 underrated UX features on OTT Platforms