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Creating An OTT Service: Expectation vs. Reality

In a video industry that is more volatile than ever, choosing the right strategy and feature set for your service is absolutely crucial.


Phillip Dupuy

Head of Sales Engineering EMEA & LatAm

February 8, 2023

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As we enter 2023, it seems that the video industry is more volatile than ever before. There are certainly new dark clouds on the horizon contributing to a high level of uncertainty - namely, high inflation, a looming recession, and a rocky ride for subscriber growth in the media industry. But of course, this doesn’t mean there’s no place for successful OTT services to continue to grow.

Most experts in the TV and video industries are still forecasting steady growth over the coming ten years, even if expansion has slowed down from the Covid-induced acceleration. The transition from traditional pay TV and linear broadcasting to OTT is still ongoing, and luckily, at-home entertainment is generally cheaper than out-of-home options like movies, performances, and theme parks. Hence, the OTT video industry is still well positioned to generate enough profits even without providers needing to create a 200 million-user service. The recipe for success? Operating a streaming service that providers are comfortable with by choosing the right strategy and feature set to suit their needs.


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Creating An OTT Service: Expectation vs. Reality