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The game changer in streaming: how small SVODs excel with telco partnerships


Niklas Björkén

Product manager

January 22, 2024




Gone are the days when only industry giants could leverage telco partnerships to scale in the streaming world. Our latest whitepaper uncovers a pivotal trend: smaller SVODs are making groundbreaking strides by forming strategic alliances with telco operators. This approach is reshaping the streaming landscape, offering a blueprint for success in an increasingly competitive market.

The New Era of Streaming Partnerships

While direct-to-consumer models have been the norm, our research indicates that few have succeeded without strategic alliances. These partnerships, especially with telco operators, have become a cornerstone for smaller SVODs. They facilitate not just growth but also sustainability in a market where audience retention is as crucial as acquisition.

The Rise of Telco Partnerships

Telco partnerships stand out as a particularly effective strategy. Previously dominated by global streaming giants, these collaborations are now being embraced by smaller, more specialized streaming services. This shift is significant – it represents a democratization of the streaming market, where size no longer dictates the ability to form valuable partnerships.

Key Benefits of Collaborating with Telcos:

Enhanced Subscriber Acquisition: By bundling their offerings with telco services, small SVODs can tap into a vast customer base, accelerating subscriber growth far beyond what standalone strategies can achieve.

Improved Retention Rates: Bundling with telcos offers a more stable subscription model. It ties the SVOD service to essential telco offerings like broadband or mobile plans, making it less likely for subscribers to churn.

Cost-Effective Marketing: These partnerships allow SVODs to benefit from the marketing and distribution prowess of established telcos, reducing the need for extensive individual marketing campaigns and cutting down customer acquisition costs.

Increased Visibility and Reach: Being part of a telco's bundle means more visibility among potential subscribers who might not have discovered the service otherwise. This exposure is crucial for niche and regional services seeking to expand their audience.

Real-World Success Stories

For instance, ATRESPlayer in Spain, available through Telefónica and Vodafone, showcases how regional services can gain national prominence. Similarly, BritBox's availability via major UK operators like BT and EE demonstrates the potential for thematic services to achieve widespread recognition.Our report illustrates the diverse ways in which smaller SVODs have leveraged these partnerships to carve out their unique spaces in the market.


This paradigm shift in the streaming industry signals a new era of opportunity for small to medium-sized SVODs. Telco partnerships, once perceived as the realm of the few, are now accessible and beneficial to a broader range of services. Our full whitepaper dives deep into this trend, offering insights, detailed analyses, and more success stories. It's an essential read for anyone in the SVOD space looking to understand and capitalize on the power of strategic telco collaborations.

Download the Full Omdia Whitepaper here.

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The game changer in streaming: how small SVODs excel with telco partnerships